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Case Statements and Annual Reports,
Flyers in English,
Sign-Up Sheets,
Post Cards,
Fact Sheets.

Case Statements and Annual Reports

Case statement: PDF.
Annual Report 2018: PDF.


World BEYOND War (three-fold): PDF.
U.S. Militarism (one page): PDF.
War Threatens Our Environment (one page): PDF.
Basic Facts About War (one page): PDF or Docx.
Modern Day Wars (one page): PDF or Docx.
Intersectionality (one page): PDF or Docx.
Debunking Myths (one page): PDF or Docx.
Cost of global military spending (half-page): PDF.
Cost of U.S. military spending (half-page): PDF.
Quiz activity flyer (two pages, answers on third): PDF.
Shirts, books, bags (one page): PDF.
Social Movements fact sheet (two pages): PDF.


Primer Afiche: PDF or Doc.
La guerra amenaza nuestro medio ambiente: PDF or Docx.
Un Quiz sobre la Guerra ¿Cierto o Falso?: PDF or Doc.
Flyer Educacional: PDF or Doc.
Volante de Cuatro Paginas: PDF or Doc.
Poster: Doc.


Poster: Docx.
More posters available here.

Sign-Up Sheets

Sign-up sheet in English: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in English with blocks: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in Spanish: PDF or Docx.
Sign-up sheet in English for WBW events: PDF.
Sign-up sheet in English/French/Spanish: PDF or Docx.
Sign-up sheet in Japanese thanks to Joseph Essertier: PDF or Docx.
Please photograph completed form and email to or mail the form to
World BEYOND War 513 E Main St #1484 Charlottesville VA 22902 USA. THANKS!

Post Cards

Postcard front: PDF or JPG.
Postcard back: PDF or JPG.
Alternative Postcard front: PDF.
Postcard front with survey question for use at WBW events: PDF.
Front and back, four to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Front and back, two to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Front and back, one to a 8.5×11 page: PDF.
Education Postcard front: PNG, and back: PNG.

One-page flyers designed by Ally Hermes, and by Tony Sahara.
Merchandise flyer by Patricia Kambitsch.
Poster by Leah Bolger.
Spanish flyers translated by Juan Gómez.

Fact Sheets

War Is Immoral
War Endangers Us
War Threatens Our Environment
War Erodes Liberties
War Impoverishes Us
War Promotes Bigotry
We Need $2 Trillion/Year for Other Things

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