Human Rights Delegation to Honduras Act Now – A Few Spots Remain!

23 Nov 2017 - 00:00

Human Rights Delegation to Honduras
Act Now – A Few Spots Remain!

November 23 – December 1, 2017
Register by October 21st!

Accompaniment – Observer Delegation
by La Voz de los de Abajo + CODEPINK

On November 26, 2017 national elections will take place in Honduras. Honduran human rights and grassroots organizations have asked for international accompaniment to defend human rights during the election because of the increased risk for people in communities and organizations in resistance at this time. Our delegation will focus on human rights observation in consultation with the human rights defenders, campesino, indigenous and people’s movements. We also will plan a visit to the US embassy.
Together with other delegations, we will draft a preliminary report and issue a joint statement regarding the election process.

This trip is organized by La Voz de los de Abajo, a grassroots Chicago-based organization working in solidarity with the Honduran movements for 19 years. Learn more about their work on their website! CODEPINK, a cosponsor of the delegation, is anxious to offer this unique opportunity to its members. You can read the extensive report from our 2016 delegation.


To request an APPLICATION,
Deadline Extended to October 21st!

Cost: $900  The cost covers all lodging, transportation, and two meals a day while in Honduras. It does not include airfare to and from Honduras.

Alternative Side Trip with Marin Task Force on the Americas

As part of the November 2017 delegation to Honduras, delegates may have the opportunity to spend 4 daysbefore and after the election in the rural municipality of La Unión in the western department of Lempira. La Union is one of the strongholds of the ruling National party. La Unión is also home to an inspiring group of young coffee farmers (who range from full-time farmers to teachers and other professionals who farm part-time) who since the last election have formed a coffee cooperative and now sell their product to U.S. buyers including the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company. Many of the members are activists who have been organizing throughout the municipality to offer progressive alternatives to the powerful, National Party-controlled mayor’s office dominated by a well-known family with strong ties to current President Juan Orlando Hernandez. Hernandez and the National Party are currently running for reelection, which is illegal according to the Honduran constitution. The son of the current mayor is the National Party’s candidate for mayor.

Visiting La Unión in the context of the 2017 elections, the human rights observers that choose this option will be able to get a detailed, up-close examination of how power is manipulated and maintained by powerful interests on a municipal level and how the activists in La Unión have dealt with it. Delegates will hear from a cross- section of Hondurans aspiring to transform their political, economic and social situation on a local and national level. We will also be able to document through testimony, the difficulties, including repression, threats and electoral registration “fixing,” faced while doing this on a day-to- day basis and in the context of the elections. While this activist group in La Union can have only limited influence on the presidential election, they are optimistic that especially because of the obvious success off the co-op and its community projects they have enough support to win the mayoral election. It will be useful to document the outcome either way. We will also be accompanied for this period by Karen Spring, HSN’s Coordinator in Honduras, who with Maria Robinson has been working with this expanding group since 2015 and helped them formalize their co-op legal status.

Rough Itinerary

Arrival to Honduras on Thursday, November 23, Stay with La Voz delegation in Tegucigalpa & do intro meetings on Friday morning.

Day 1 (Friday afternoon): Drive from Tegucigalpa to Santa Barbara. Spend the evening in Santa Barbara. Potential meet up with local activists in Santa Barbara to learn about the context there.

Day 2 (Sat): In the morning in Santa Barbara, visit political prisoner Nelson Tejada (from La Unión and targeted for his role in the national person’s registry) at 10 am in the prison. In the afternoon, drive to La Unión, Lempira.
In the evening, meet with the local activist group for an overview of human rights and electoral context. A plan for the following day will be put together as well.

Day 3 (Sunday election day): Official observation of the elections in the 14 different villages throughout the municipality.

Day 4 (Monday): In the morning, debrief with the local activist group about the outcome of the elections and take any testimonies about human rights abuses and concerns. In the afternoon, drive back to Tegucigalpa to meet up with La Voz delegation and spend the rest of the time with them.

Additional Contribution of up to $200 might be required for transportation.

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