Demonstration at White House end of war exercises and peace treaty

25 Aug 2017 - 12:00

Washington, D.C.

Date : Friday, Aug 25, 2017 at 12:00PM
Place : In front of the White House
Demands :
-Oppose UFG Joint Military Exercise!
-U.S. Troops Out of Corea!
-Sign a Peace Treaty!
-Trump Government should stop war scheme!
We are doing protest everyday at the White House to oppose the UFG Joint Military Exercise. During the UFG Joint Military Exercise period, our party is under simultaneous demonstration in Seoul, Washington, London and Okinawa.

Here is the link.

We organize the protest against UFG Joint Military Exercise. Please come and join us!

□ UFG Joint Military Exercise started from Aug 21 as worried. The U.S. imposed nuclear bombing exercises to eliminate North Korean leaders at such a critical time. In addition, as the <August Crisis> is reported to the general press, the war crisis of Corean peninsula is spreading and the people in South Corea are shaking with anxiety.

□ This war crisis was triggered by the U.S. president Trump who is on the impeachment crisis by Russian scandal. The tension of Northeast Asia situation is increasing by the UFG and the THAAD. The situation has become a tinderbox.

□ The White House in the U.S. has the decisions on the current situation. It is the United States that has been practicing nuclear war exercises on North Corea with hostile policies, so when stopping the war exercises against North Corea and starting the peace negotiations, the situation tip the balance.

□ Failure to overcome this crisis threatens the safety of the Corean peninsula as well as the U.S. mainland, causing the world to fall into a whirlwind of war that can not rule out the possibility of a World War. The world knows that President Trump is doing such a dangerous gambling.

□ Therefore, with the Coreans not only in Corea also in the U.S., Japan and Europe and the international solidarity with the peace activists around the world we would like to organize a demonstration to call for the end of UFG war exercise and the peace treaty for the everlasting peace system.

Demonstration – Oppose UFG Joint Military Exercise, Condemn Trump Government, Urge U.S. government to sign a peace treaty

In solidarity,

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