"Nuclear Disarmament: What is taking us so long?" – Sister Megan Rice

6 Aug 2017 - 19:00

Detroit, MI

Attend & bring a Friend (no RSVP necessary) – “Nuclear Disarmament: What is taking us so long?” presented by
Sister Megan Rice, Sunday, August 6 in Barth Hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, 4800 Woodward at Warren,
Detroit, at 7:00 pm

“On a tranquil summer night in July 2012, a trio of peace activists infiltrated the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Nicknamed the ‘Fort Knox of Uranium,’ Y-12 was supposedly one of the most secure sites in the world, a bastion of warhead parts and hundreds of tons of highly enriched uranium – enough to power thousands of nuclear bombs.

The three activists – a house painter, a Vietnam War veteran, and an 82-year-old Catholic nun – penetrated the complex’s exterior with alarming ease; their strongest tools were two pairs of blot cutters and three hammers.  Once inside, these pacifists hung protest banners, spray-painted biblical messages, and streaked the walls with human blood.  Then they waited to be arrested.

With the break-in and their symbolic actions, the activists hoped to draw attention to a costly military-industrial complex that stockpile deadly nukes.”     -from the flyleaf of Almighty by Washington Post reporter Dan Zak

Sister Megan Rice certainly highlighted the danger of nuclear annihilation.  She is still leading the way to transform swords into plo! wshares.

Peace Action of Michigan is proud to present this “Prophet of Oak Ridge” on August 5 and 6.

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