Late Spring Hike for a Nuclear Weapon Free World to Ramona Falls

31 May 2017 - 00:00

Portland, OR

Ramona Falls Late Spring Hike for a Nuclear Weapon Free World

This is a 7 mile round trip hike on moderate trails. There was a death on the foot bridge that was washed away last year. The bridge may not be available and we might have to rope up and cross the river on foot. This is not handicap accessible. We have a local mountain legend about a Indian Queen who’s last request was to be carried up to Ramona Falls to see its beauty one more time and then to be laid out in a tree burial on top of her beloved falls. Local legends are fun. There is no services at the falls. Pack it in and pack everything out. No bathrooms, no garbage cans, no water, no food and the vertical climb is steep in places and lasts for 3 miles up the side of a active volcano. There is snow on the trail and until it is melted and the river goes down enough to cross without losing lives, we will not go. No exact date is set currently; because is unknowable. Hiker needs intermediate hiking ability. The river crossing needs be a group activity for safety reasons. All Park and Forest Service rules and sign in regulations must be followed closely. We do not want to lose anyone. The size of each hike group is regulated and staggered to preserve the experience. P. Brooks McGinn


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