Protests against NATO at NATO Summit 2017, Brussels 24/25 May

24 May 2017 - 20:36

Brussels, Belgium

Draft call for the NATO Counter-Summit in Brussels, Summer 2017

Invest in people, not in war

The next NATO Summit will be held in Brussels, this summer 2017, in its brand new building. It will be US President Donald Trump’s first NATO summit. Brussels is host to both the NATO and the European Union headquarters. Two institutions that cooperate closely  as their military policies are concerned.

NATO and its member states are illegally taking part in the ongoing wars and military interventions in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, the Mediterranean Sea or in the Indian Ocean, thus   fueling international instability, the arms race and militarization. NATO remains committed to humanity’s biggest threat: nuclear weapons.Summit after summit, NATO perpetuates, enforces and strengthens its policy of war and military dominance. Its consequences are there for all the world to see: the devastation of entire countries, the refugees plight, suffering and deaths, environmental disasters, the increase of violent extremism and terrorism, military tensions and confrontations, nuclear proliferation and the potentiality of a nuclear war. Consequences which NATO proposes to tackle with yet more militaristic answers.

  • All NATO member states are demanded to increase their military budgets to reach 2% ofthe country’s GDP. In a time of economic crisis and austerity, that means taking away funds froms social, educational, justice, international solidarity or environmental protection budgets. Budgets that are essential to lead us to a more peaceful and stable world.20% of defense budgets will be allocated to military equipment investments: warships, war planes, drones, bombs, technological equipment, etc. This will surely give ideas to other countries. The powerful armament lobby is rubbing its hands. By fueling the arms race, NATO is making a mockery of diplomatic mechanisms of conflict resolution.
  • NATO is escalating tension with Russia, thus reinforcing the latter’s military enterprise and preventing the construction of peaceful relations and mutual beneficial understanding.
  • NATO and its member states are multiplying interventions outside their territory and is strengthening its worldwide presence: in the Pacific Ocean, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and South America. They are enhancing their economic, political and military domination instead of investing politically and financially in the UN, to achieve its goals of a peaceful, secure world.
  • NATO still extends its nuclear policies as « a supreme guarantee for the allies’ security » even as the majority of countries are negotiating a Treaty to ban nuclear weapons. In the meantime, the nuclear arsenal of all NATO member states is being modernized, at the tune of tens of billions dollar.

NATO is the world’s most aggressive war machine. We urgently need to propose a peaceful alternative! We don’t want investments in war. We need investments in human security and sustainable development.

We call on all peace-loving forces to join the protest against the NATO Summit and to establish a common platform of demands and proposals  for policymakers of NATO member states. Let’s urge them to invest in people, not in war.

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