Hearings of National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service

10 May 2018 - 00:00

Hearings of National Commission on
Military, National, and Public Service:

10 May 2018: Nashua, NH
17-18 May 2018: Jacksonville, FL
26-27 June 2018: Iowa City, IA
28-29 June 2018: Chicago, IL
19-20 July 2018: Waco, TX
16-17 August 2018: Memphis, TN
19-21 September 2018: Los Angeles, CA
Please spread the word to any contacts you have in these regions.

Note that the Commission is planning 2-3 day site visits in each of these areas, and the exact dates and locations of its hearings have not yet been finalized or announced. For example,  the next group of Commission activities has been announced for May 9-11 in the “Boston area”, but Commission staff at the Denver hearing told me that the public hearing in New England  is actually being planned for May 10th in Nashua, NH.

The two Commission hearing to date have been sparsely attended, informal, and extremely open. Everyone who attends has a chance to be heard directly by the Commission. Even a few people turning out will make a difference in how the hearings are perceived by the Commission and the public.

With more lead time, it should be possible to make an even better showing of public opposition to military conscription and support for those who will resist any draft at the rest of these hearings.

The Commission has been directed to study and report to the President and Congress on “the feasibility… of modifying the military selective service process in order to obtain for military, national, and public service individuals with skills (such as medical, dental, and nursing skills, language skills, cyber skills, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills) for which the Nation has a critical need, without regard to age or sex.”

So it is especially important for the Commission to hear from people in all of these occupational categories who would resist being drafted, and form other people who would support and defend them in their resistance.

I hope to be able to attend next hearing in Nashua, NH, on May 10th and the final hearing in Southern California sometime September 19-21.

If you would like to be listed as a contact for people interesting in attending either of these or any of the others of the hearings, please let me know. Matt Nicodemus (phone 720-979-9967, <mattnico8@yahoo.com>) and I are available as resource people for those interested in organizing attendance at these or others of the hearings. Resource materials about these hearings, the draft, draft registration, and draft resistance are available on my Web site at <http://resisters.info>.

Many thanks to Matt Nicodemus, the War Resisters League, Courage to Resist, the Boulder Friends Meeting, Mary Beth Kern of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Paul Jacob (who came from Virgina to testify), Doug Rippey, and everyone else who testified, attended, or helped publicize the hearing in Denver.


Edward Hasbrouck

The deadline to submit written comments to the Commission has been extended through *September 30, 2018*.

Testimony and reports from the hearing in Denver:

Podcast about the Commission, what’s happening, and why:

Notice of extension of deadline for written comments:

Approximate schedule of hearings through September 2018:


Draft Registration and Draft Resistance:

Health Care Workers and the Draft:

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