2018 Inter-Island Solidarity Peace for the Sea Camp in Jeju

25 Jul 2018 - 00:00

Jeju Island, S. Korea

2018 Inter-Island Solidarity Peace for the Sea Camp in Jeju

Contact:  peaceforsea@gmail.com


Camp Introduction: The Inter-Island Solidarity Peace for the Sea Camp started in Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island in 2014, sharing the dream to make the sea of Northeast Asia a sea of peace and to protect life, peace and democracy which are confronted by state violence, military base construction and environmental pollution, the gap between rich and poor, and reckless militarization and development by states that collude with big business to sacrifice their citizens and environment as collateral.

This is the 5th annual camp; it has been held in Jeju, Okinawa, Taiwan, and Ishigaki, and now we are preparing to host the camp in Jeju again.

The subtitle for the 2018 Jeju camp is “We are Gureombi.”

Gureombi is name of the single contiguous 1.2 kilometer-long rock which formed the coastline of Gangjeong Village.  Gureombi was a wetland habitat because of the numerous springs which flowed from the rock, and it was home to many endangered species.  Not only was Gureombi an ecological treasure, but it was also the place where villagers collected and ate sea-snails and seaweed, where they played and talked about life. Over 90% of the villagers rose up to protect Gureombi from disappearance when it was threatened by the construction of the navy base, and their struggle was confronted by merciless state violence.


Now Gureombi lies suffocated under the concrete of the navy base which was completed by use of force. We plan to have time for participants from diverse places to share their memories of their Gureombi, that which they wanted to protect, which was taken away, which is facing destruction.


Through that sharing, we want to each become aware of and declare what our “Gureombi” is, and to work together in solidarity to continue our memory activism and to search together for new alternatives and actions that we can take.

On the east end of Jeju, Seongsan is facing plans for a new airport / air force base, and we hope that our planned exchange night and solidarity can be a big encouragement to the people of Seongsan as well.

  1. Camp Overview

1) Where: Gangjeong Village, Seongsan, Alddreu Airfield, etc. on Jeju Island

2) When: July 25-29, 2018 (4 nights)

3) Who: about 70 citizens and activists from Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan, Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, etc. who want to work together against the militarism of powerful countries.

4) What: Sharing the concerns of each island(region) that is facing state violence and militarization, discussing our individual and shared visions and plans, making relationships across language and regional divides, resting and recharging, joining and preparing for direct actions in front of the Jeju navy base, learning the painful history of Jeju Island.

  1. Program
  1. Roles – Preparation and logistics: Sung-hee Choi, Myeolchi, Bandi, Emily, Lee Sang, Curry, Dong-seok, Bigarim, Jjuya – Translation: Japanese-Korean (Dong-seok, In-hwa), Chinese-Korean (Emily, Jisu Kim), English-Korean (Joyakgol, Hosu), we are still recruiting for Japanese- Chinese, Chinese-English, and Japanese-English. – Each Island’s Concerns for Peace: representatives from each island/region will share their situation and concerns briefly and have Q&A time (less than 10 teams) – Keynote: (Okinawa) – Panel Discussion: Satoko Norimatsu (author, “Okinawa Confronts Japan and the United States”), Young-shin Jeong (researcher at Jeju University)
  1. Exchange Night

1) Goal: to share our encouragement and support for the people who are resisting the second Jeju airport plans in Seongsan

2) Contents (not yet confirmed): meal, sharing about the current situation, exchange party

3) Expected time: 6 PM on July 27

Date/ Time July 25 (Wed.) July 26 (Thurs.) July 27 (Fri.) July 28 (Sat.) July 29 (Sun.) AM

100 bows for life and peace (7am in front of the base)

Break Breakfast < Keynote speech by a peace activist from Okinawa>

A site visit to the old Japanese airfield in Alddreu (Southwest Jeju)

Plan of Action Discussion -small groups / whole group

Writing individual actions/ practices <The Islands’ concerns for peace>

Presentations from the regions / islands

Cleaning together

Noon Human chain in front of the base


PM Gangjeong village tour and orientation

Sharing ideas for direct actions

Vision Discussion -small groups / whole group

Free time

Play in the Gangjeong stream

Panel Discussion: Northeast Asia citizens’ peace solidarity and its prospects (5- 6pm)

Dinner (optional)

Reading the camp statement in the festival before the Jeju Grand March for Life and Peace (July 30 – Aug. 4)


Forming friendships beyond languages & regions <The Islands’ concerns for peace>

Presentations from the regions / islands

Solidarity visit with the people in Seongsan (East Jeju) who oppose the 2nd Jeju airport (air base)

Sharing vision/ actions

Cultural festival in front of the Jeju navy base (sharing Islanders’ cultures/ talents)

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