Honor the Olympic Truce, Not Fire and Fury in Korea

9 Feb 2018 - 17:00

Philadelphia, PA

Honor the Olympic Truce, Not Fire and Fury in Korea

This Friday, Feb. 9, 5p.m. – 6p.m.
Stop Trump’s March to War in Korea!
Diplomacy Not War Abolish Nuclear Weapons

*Olympic Truce Candlelight vigil on the Phila. City Hall west side plaza, 15th & Market streets.

February 9 marks the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, as Donald Trump threatens military action against North Korea, including insane nuclear war threats. In a historic move, and in the historic spirit of the “Olympic Truce”, the two Koreas will march into the games together.

Area Olympic Truce Vigils are being initiated throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey by the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA), https://www.peacecoalition.org/ .

The Olympic Truce Candlelight vigil will include the solemn intoning of a decades-old peace bell provided by the Brandywine Peace Community. There will also be large, bright banners and signs with the vigils’ slogans. Candles will be available as well as signs and banners.

Co-sponsors for the Philadelphia Candlelight Vigil for the Olympic Truce include: Brandywine Peace Community; CFPA Pennsylvania, and SJU Students Chapter; Philadelphia Committee for Peace and Justice in Asia; Physicians for Social Responsibility; the Shalom Center; and UN Association of Greater Philadelphia.

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