Korean Olympic Truce Celebration

9 Feb 2018 - 00:00

Baltimore, MD

Korean Olympic Truce Celebration

The undersigned organizations will conduct a “peace torch” passing and “solidarity flame lighting” in Baltimore just prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday, February 9 at 5 PM at Mount Vernon Park, Charles and Centre Streets.

We will then watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony on TV at the First Unitarian church hall a half block away. The doors open at 7 for eating carry-out meals. At 8 PM EST We will watch the North and South Korean athletes marching together under a common flag. Several Korean student organizations at Johns Hopkins University have been invited.

Media and press are also invited to join us inside from 7 to 10 PM. (We will accommodate local camera crews by putting their channel on the TV we are watching.)

THIS IS A DEMONSTRATION FOR PEACE IN KOREA AND AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR. We will hold signs to oppose U.S. military threats, nuclear and otherwise. We believe North Korea is very defensive because U.S. bombing killed a third of their population in the Korean War, a greater percentage loss than any other country in modern history. We urge the withdrawal of U.S. military war games, threats and troops from the Korean peninsula. We want U.S. diplomats to talk with DPRK immediately with no preconditions.

Peace Action Baltimore       Richard Ochs     richardochs10@gmail.com

Peace Action Montgomery County       Jean Athey

Baltimore Non-violence Center             Max Obuszewski

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