Arraignment for Yemen 14

6 Feb 2018 - 00:00

New York, NY

Hi! Here are upcoming dates for Yemen activities in NYC.JANUARY CALENDAR FOR NYC

Saturdays – weekly vigil 11 am-1pm

Jan 12  Forum on Yemen at 55 E. 3rd St. NYC at 8 pm

Jan 13  Yemen organizing meeting at 55 E. 3rd St. NYC at 1:30 pm

Jan 17  Felton’s hearing at 100 Center Street

Feb 6  Arraignment for the 14 others arrested

If you’re interested in helping plan, host, organize, facilitate, photograph, take notes or otherwise assist with the meeting, please let us know. In keeping with principles of democratic organizing, we want to support the leadership of Yemeni and Yemeni American humanitarian leaders, and help build people power to stop the bombing and blockade.

We thank you for walking with us, leading us, following us, and lifting our spirits. We wish you all the best in the new year!
Isaac, Taryn, Margaret, Barbara, Abdul & the rest of Action Corps NYC
Action Corps NYC Cell: 347-756-1896

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