World BEYOND War is proud to be publishing this important, delightful, inciteful, and hilarious new memoir by Joel Eis.

He became  one of the people his parents warned him against!

… He was followed and informed on. His phone was tapped. He was shot at, did some time in jail, and was black listed from work. The last time he saw his FBI file, it was as thick as a small city phone book.

Standin’ in a Hard Rain, the Making of a Revolutionary Life is the fast-paced, personal, “boots-on-the-ground,” front line account of major events by a dedicated radical in the 1960’s (and beyond) who found himself at the table with the planners and out in the street, running from the cops. 

It traces the difficult evolution of a generation trying to stay true to their values  in a country in which they felt at odds. It ends with the burning of his draft card at the age of 73.

Includes 85 documents and photos.

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