A summary version of World BEYOND War’s book “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”

Here you will find a summary of our book “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS),” which outlines in detail the pillars of war which must be taken down so that the whole edifice of the War System can collapse, and the foundations of peace, already being laid, on which we will build a world where everyone will be safe.  AGSS also offers a comprehensive blueprint and plan of action for ending all wars.  The path to ending war and establishing the Alternative Global Security System can be achieved through three broad strategies: 1) demilitarizing security; 2) managing conflicts without violence, and 3) creating a culture of peace.  These three strategies are the organizing components of our blueprint.

This summary version of our book is an essential starting point for those curious about and committed to the abolition of war.  It is also an invaluable resource for policy recommendations and citizen action for a more peaceful world order.  Concepts, strategies and guiding principles introduced here are explained in much greater detail in the unabridged version of our book which is available for purchase in several formats (pdf, ebook, print) via our website: www.worldbeyondwar.org/alternative.

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