Commemorate Earth Day with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Joining together for EARTH DAY, and restoring our Mother Earth, is even more important this year, in light of Achin…

Dr. Hakim and Basir Bita, answering Amy Goodman’s question on DemocracyNow, “What you think the alternative is today…to the U.S. dropping bombs in Afghanistan?”

Dr. Hakim, “There are so…many alternatives, Amy…we are not imagining enough, we are not asking enough questions…The Afghan Peace Volunteers wake up every day, educate one another, ask “Why?”, ask “How?”, ask,  “What?”  Education is one of the concrete ways in which we can address this disaster that the world is facing, both for the planet and for the human race.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers…do practical things for the Earth and for one another … some … use permaculture techniques to take care of Mother Earth … moving totally and radically away from these deceptive narratives of “The Mother of All Bombs” [the insulting name being given to the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb which was dropped on Aichen District, in the Nangarhar Region of Afghanistan this past Thursday.]

The third thing that we can do is to talk to one another. Go talk to the people in Achin district. Find the courage to talk to them. Talk to a mother….

Basir added that we urgently need: public awareness, finding grassroots and locally acceptable ideas, like conversations, establishing dialogue and,  [satellite connection lost, but you can hear the entire interview, with Dr. Hakim, Basir and Kathy by clicking here].

Listen to the LIVE conversation via LiveStream April 21.     Sign-up to speak via eMail.

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