By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 9, 2020 DIMPLES OF FREEDOM Dimples of mighty river donga, river Sokoto flowing honey of liberation, dripping sweetness of decades Of freedom harvest Taraba and ekuku flowing with seasons coming after one another […]

Terry Crawford=Browne, peace activist in South Africa

South Africa Arms Industry Is Dodging Rules To Sell Weapons To Turkey

By Linda van Tilburg, July 7, 2020 From BizNews When Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu became the chair of South Africa’s arms trade regulator, the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) adopted a much stricter approach to the export […]


By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 2, 2020 DICTATOR’S DOEKS Grandma’s sweat bathes the statehouse tarmacs, Poverty shaved fathers are the glitter that replaced floodlights and stolen lampposts Brother is the anointed fisherman catching political breams for the presidential […]

Corruption And The Arms Trade

July 4, 2020 “Corruption and the Arms Trade” is a 38-minute presentation by Terry Crawford- Browne, World BEYOND War’s coordinator for South Africa, delivered on July 1 via Zoom to the Probus (retired Rotarians) Club in Somerset West. A podcast […]



By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, June 14, 2020 AZANIA!! Azania! I have a song for you A song of bees feasting the rainbow nectar on the tattered petals of the revolution Egoli! I have a love song for you […]

Jacob Zuma facing corruption charges

Zuma’s Day In Court

By Terry Crawford-Browne, June 23, 2020 Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma and the French government-controlled Thales arms company have been charged with fraud, money laundering and racketeering. After multiple delays, Zuma and Thales are finally scheduled to come to […]

Demons Grazing

Demons Grazing

By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, June 14, 2020 DEMONS GRAZING 1 Democracy does not heal the syphilis of apartheid It never healed the hepatitis of racism It is the ritual of the governed to govern though they remain governed […]


By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, June 14, 2020 See talking slums silenced tongues freedom silenced hope killed a bling of ghettos collapsed humanity Mothers weeping, under the compression of religion trees dripping tears Ethiopia your festering open wounds you […]


How the United States Stole an Island

By Johnny Harris, June 9, 2020

Journalist Hippolyte Eric Djounguep

The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon: A New Perspective

By Hippolyte Eric Djounguep, May 24, 2020 The violent conflict between the Cameroonian authorities and the separatists of the two English-speaking regions since October 2016 is steadily worsening. These regions were sub-mandates of the League of Nations (SDN) from 1922 […]