Sky Blue Scarves

Do you know the story of the sky blue scarves? The “Border-free Blue Scarves” project was founded by grassroots activists in Afghanistan, as a response to Professor Noam Chomsky’s challenge to build a world free of borders. According to the them, the blue scarf “represents our collective wish as a human family to live without wars, to share our resources and to take care of our earth under the same blue sky.” Following the lead of these Afghans, World BEYOND War encourages everyone to wear sky blue scarves as symbols of peace and support for ending all wars. Learn more at

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Order soon! Due to overwhelming demand, we can no longer guarantee receipt before the International Day of Peace.

Our scarves are 14″ x 60″ (35.6cm x 152.4cm), cotton, hand-made. When you use this order form you are also supporting the work of World BEYOND War.

To pay by check, make the check payable to: World BEYOND War.
Mail it to:
World BEYOND War
513 E Main St #1484
Charlottesville VA 22902 USA

Or use Paypal (be sure to tell us how many scarves you are ordering):

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