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Learn where the bases are on the map:

Register for the No Bases conference in Dublin, Ireland, November 16-18, 2018, here.

Sign and promote this petition to get U.S. troops out of Germany.

Powerpoint on closing bases. World BEYOND War Coordinating Committee Chair Leah Bolger is available to present this workshop to groups, in-person or virtually. Click here to contact Leah to arrange an event with your group.

A report on the social and environmental risks of U.S. bases in Australia, prepared by Friends of the Earth Australia and the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network.

Visit David Vine’s BaseNation.US.

Bombs in Your Backyard: searchable database that allows people in the U.S. to find military installations near them and see the toxic impacts

A No Foreign Bases conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., on January 12-14, 2018. Here is a tiny fraction of the highlights:

Full videos here.

David Swanson on Monroe Doctrine:

David Swanson in Baltimore:

Watch these videos from World Beyond War’s No War 2017:

Watch these videos from World Beyond War’s No War 2016:

Get involved in working on a campaign to close them by contacting us.


  1. Bruce Ryder says:

    It has been over 70 years since we have occupied Japan and Germany. Isn’t it time we closed some of the bases, brought our troops home and used them to protect our country?

  2. Doran F Goodwin says:

    I want to see an end to all wars in my lifetime. i am 67 and seen them my entire lifetime.

  3. every base in every country should be shut down and the men and women should all go home and stay there stop all wars

  4. Melissa Constable says:

    Maybe one day our country will actually become civilized

  5. Gudrun Rafeld says:

    Alle Miltärbasen in Deutschland und Europa schließen!

  6. Peter Bautsch says:

    Alle Militärbasen in Deutschland und Europa sofort schließen!

  7. Trine Eklund says:

    To all politicians in the world: Close down all military bases incl. all NATO/US bases

  8. Get your filthy bases out of my country. It only encourages the idiots that rule over us to carry on like dickheads. Right now they are baiting Russia, the PRC and the DPRK because you have bases and marines here. No amerikkkan military, no weenie waggling by our pollies. We also bomb civilians in the Middle East on your empires behalf and some of us think that that plainly sucks! Get the fuck out of our country!!! Nothing personal though.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with this. It’s time we all got angry about this warmongering of e US, the collusion of our governments with US warmongering, and the idiotic role we play as NATO members in acting a# a posse to enable US aggression around the world. History will tell that WE are NOT the ‘good guys’. Truth is the Daughter of Time. NATO will be our shame.

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