Campaigns Join in any of these projects!

Join in any of these projects!

Contact us if you’d like to help with any of these campaigns: Educational Events. Online Learning. Close Bases. Divest from Weapons Dealers. Support Global Justice and the Rule of Law. Put up Billboards. Pass Resolutions. Opt Out of Military Recruitment […]

Online Actions

Online Actions

Send this message to your local, state or provincial, and national government officials: The world has had enough of war, and that includes me. Government officials everywhere are being asked to join with the people of the world in signing […]

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (2018-19 Edition)

“You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?”     The 2018-19 edition of A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS) is now available!  AGSS is World BEYOND War’s blueprint for an alternative security system – one in […]

Chapters and Affiliates

Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

World BEYOND War works with volunteers to organize World BEYOND War chapters around the world. If there isn’t an existing chapter in your area, click here to learn more about starting a chapter near you! We also invite existing organizations […]

Recent Posts

史上最悪の差別とは何なのか! Photo Exhibit & Talk with Kenji Higuchi: What is the Worst Kind of Discrimination?

From left to right: Japan for a World BEYOND War Coordinator Joseph Essertier, NISHI Eiko, KANBE Ikuo, and HIGUCHI Kenji. 11月10日に名古屋の東別院ホールでワールド・ビヨンド・ウォーはフォトジャーナリストの樋口健二さんに講演してもらいました。「毒ガス島」で働いた日本人の労働者について教えてくれました。興味深い講演でした。未来の人々が毒ガスという大量破壊兵器を使わないように彼は記録を取りました。  In honor of the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, World BEYOND War, in collaboration with Mamademo, organized a special […]

Gunboats in Sea of Azov

Background To The Present Russia/Ukraine Crisis

By Phil Wilayto, December 6, 2018 Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen sharply following the Nov. 25 seizure of two Ukrainian gunboats and a tug and the detention of 24 Ukrainian sailors by vessels of the Russian Border Guard. […]

Earth Over the Brink

Glacier National Park is drip drip dripping into a puddle. People and companies and governments are cutting down trees to burn them to save the planet from global warming, mixing the sacrificial trees with oh-so-clean coal, and in Detroit with […]

Seeing Yemen from Jeju Island

By Kathy Kelly People digging through rubble in war-torn Yemen. “Killing people, through war or starvation, never solves problems,” write Kathy Kelly. “I strongly believe this.” (Photo: Almigdad Mojalli / Wikimedia Commons) Several days ago, I joined an unusual skype […]

The Ancient Mythical Rites of Pearl Harbor Day

Last week I spoke at a high school. As I often do, I told them I’d perform a magic trick. I only know one, but I know it will almost always work with no skill required. I scribbled on a […]

Talk Nation Radio: Dave Lindorff on the Pentagon’s Fictional Budget

Dave Lindorff is an investigative reporter who writes for the Nation, London Review of Books, Salon and He is founder of the collectively run journalists’ news site Lindorff has just published an articled called “Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting […]

Climate Crisis Demands Conversion of US War Machine

Climate Change Requires We Convert The US War Machine Now

By Bruce K. Gagnon, December 3, 2018 From Organizing Notes This is the message we will be carrying to Bath Iron Works (BIW) during the next Navy destroyer ‘christening’ protest.  (We don’t know the date of that event yet.) At […]

World BEYOND War News: Stop Murdering Yemenis

Halt the Mass Murder in Yemen Denmark, Finland, and Germany have stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. The United States, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, China, and South Africa [and Belgium] have not. If you are in […]

Yemen, Poisoned Water, and a Green New Deal

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, December 2, 2018 While U.N. figures suggest that it would take 1% of U.S. military spending to provide the world with clean drinking water, the United States could end the worst cholera epidemic in […]

An Empire of Bases Poisons Water, Threatening Its Own Collapse

The U.S. military’s fire-fighting foam is contaminating groundwater and sickening people in communities near U.S. military bases around the world Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Fillet of a fenny snake, In the caldron boil and […]

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