How We End War

Here are numerous ways to get involved in the project of ending all war. What part do you want to play?

Online Actions

Online Actions

Send this message to your local, state or provincial, and national government officials: The world has had enough of war, and that includes me. Government officials everywhere are being asked to join with the people of the world in signing […]

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (2018-19 Edition)

“You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?”     The 2018-19 edition of A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS) is now available!  AGSS is World BEYOND War’s blueprint for an alternative security system – one in […]

Chapters & Affiliates

Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

World BEYOND War works with volunteers to organize World BEYOND War chapters around the world. If there isn’t an existing chapter in your area, click here to learn more about starting a chapter near you! We also invite existing organizations […]

Recent Posts

Billboards to End War Going Up and Not Going Up

By David Swanson, Director, World BEYOND War New billboards are going up around the United States and elsewhere opposing war. Some are not going up because the message is deemed unacceptable. Many more are being planned. This ad at right […]

Tokyoites Stand with Okinawans as the Final Stage of the Killing of the Henoko Coral Begins

By Joseph Essertier, Coordinator, Japan for a World BEYOND War, 17 December 2018 On US television, in US newspapers, and on US-based Internet news sites this week there is a near-perfect silence as our government begins to build in earnest, […]

World BEYOND War News: Militarism in the Media

Kick off the New Year with our next webinar! SAVE THE DATE: Militarism in the Media Webinar on January 15 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time Militarism is the “elephant in the room,” says FAIR founder Jeff Cohen. Former TV pundit […]

David Krieger of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Interview With David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

By John Scales Avery, December 14, 2018 A series of interviews of outstanding people in the peace movement has been commissioned by the Internet journal Countercurrents. Besides being published in Countercurrents, the series will also be published as a book. […]

David Swanson in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Abolition of War Requires New Thoughts, Words, and Actions

By David Swanson Remarks in Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 12, 2018 There’s action happening now in the U.S. Senate on ending U.S. participation in the war on Yemen. There’s a big loophole in the bill. There’s the matter of selling […]

Demonstrators highlighted the enormous and negative impact of the U.S. military during the 2014 People's Climate March in New York City. (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc)

Why Green New Deal Advocates Must Address Militarism

By Medea Benjamin and Alice Slater, December 12, 2018 From Common Dreams In the spirit of a new year and a new Congress, 2019 may well be our best and last opportunity to steer our ship of state away from […]

The devastation of Henoko is part of a larger, world-wide U.S. imperialist footprint. What happens in Okinawa matters for Indigenous peoples everywhere. (Photo: AFP)

Stand With Okinawa

By Moé Yonamine From Common Dreams, December 12, 2018 “Don’t cry here,” an 86-year-old Okinawan grandmother I had never met before told me. She stood next to me and took my hand. I had been visiting my family in Okinawa […]

Mark Colville at Talk Nation Radio

Talk Nation Radio: Mark Colville Tells Why He Hammered and Poured Blood on Nuclear Weapons

Mark Colville is one of the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists. We recorded this interview on December 11th 2018, and Mark planned to turn himself in hours later at the Glynn County Jail in Brunswick, Georgia. Learn more: […]

史上最悪の差別とは何なのか! Photo Exhibit & Talk with Kenji Higuchi: What is the Worst Kind of Discrimination?

From left to right: Japan for a World BEYOND War Coordinator Joseph Essertier, NISHI Eiko, KANBE Ikuo, and HIGUCHI Kenji. 11月10日に名古屋の東別院ホールでワールド・ビヨンド・ウォーはフォトジャーナリストの樋口健二さんに講演してもらいました。「毒ガス島」で働いた日本人の労働者について教えてくれました。興味深い講演でした。未来の人々が毒ガスという大量破壊兵器を使わないように彼は記録を取りました。  In honor of the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, World BEYOND War, in collaboration with Mamademo, organized a special […]

Gunboats in Sea of Azov

Background To The Present Russia/Ukraine Crisis

By Phil Wilayto, December 6, 2018 Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen sharply following the Nov. 25 seizure of two Ukrainian gunboats and a tug and the detention of 24 Ukrainian sailors by vessels of the Russian Border Guard. […]

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