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Yes, Positivity, Pangloss, Partisanship, Propaganda, and Populism

By David Swanson Eight years ago Yes! Magazine published a political platform of progressive policies, along with polling showing strong majority support for each proposal. Now, eight years later, we can show almost total failure to advance any of the […]

Talk Nation Radio: Millions Lose Their Minds Over Russia

Talk Nation Radio: Millions Lose Their Minds Over Russia This week on Talk Nation Radio: millions of Americans lose their everloving minds over unproven accusations against Russia, the ACLU and CAIR publish claim that war on Iraq has been to protect the U.S. Bill of Rights, and a […]

Allegations Against Russia Less Credible Every Day

By David Swanson The U.S. government has now generated numerous news stories and released multiple “reports” aimed at persuading us that Vladimir Putin is to blame for Donald Trump becoming president. U.S. media has dutifully informed us that the case […]

Why Release the Torture Report Now

By David Swanson, World Beyond War A young man was tortured in Chicago this week. It wasn’t an act of the Chicago police. It was live streamed on Facebook. And the President of the United States declared it an horrific […]

Nobel Laureates Urge President Obama to Bring Justice to the Exiled Chagossian People before Leaving Office

Washington, DC, January 5, 2017 — Seven Nobel Laureates, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, are urging fellow Nobel Laureate President Barack Obama to use his last days in office to help end five decades of exile suffered by the Chagossian people, […]

The Democratic Party Line That Could Torch Civil Liberties… and Maybe Help Blow Up the World

  By Norman Solomon, Roots Action Many top Democrats are stoking a political firestorm. We keep hearing that Russia attacked democracy by hacking into Democratic officials’ emails and undermining Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Instead of candidly assessing key factors such as […]

US Army, German Bundeswehr dispatch thousands of troops to Eastern Europe

By Johannes Stern, World Socialist Web Site A massive deployment of US and NATO troops to Poland and the Baltic states is underway. According to a December 30 statement by the German Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) Press and Information Centre, “As […]

Minister for Transport Must Explain Flight from Shannon to NATO Air Base in Southern Turkey

Press Release Shannonwatch calls on the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross to explain why a plane operating on behalf of the US military was permitted to fly from Shannon Airport to Incirlik Air Base in Southern Turkey […]

Nine Years of Challenging Obama Policies at His Hawaii Vacation Home

Nine Years of Challenging Obama Policies at His Hawaii Vacation Home

By Ann Wright Its been nine Christmas and New Year’s holidays that we in Hawaii have been challenging policies of the Obama administration—beginning in December 2008 before President-elect Obama was sworn into office– on the issue of his silence on […]

Bremerhaven Appeal – No to saber rattling – Stop the movement of troops!

By several groups and organizations in Germany Starting on January 6, 2017, the U.S. Army will move a complete tank brigade with 4000 soldiers and more than 2,000 tanks, howitzers, jeeps and trucks via the german port of Bremerhaven for […]

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