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Why No One Remembers the Peacemakers

Celebrating War Over and Over and Peace Once  By Adam Hochschild, TomDispatch Go to war and every politician will thank you, and they’ll continue to do so — with monuments and statues, war museums and military cemeteries — long after you’re […]

Waiting for Fahd: One Family’s Hope for Life Beyond Guantánamo

The Myth of the Good War

Read about it at The Guardian.

Lay Down Your Arms

The Lay Down your Arms Association was incorporated and registered in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014. A main project to start with is The Nobel Peace Prize Watch. Purpose – Lay Down Your Arms Association Peace is a common wish for […]

Prominent German Signatories – Open Letter: Another war in Europe? Not in our name!

Letter published first in the german newspaper DIE ZEIT on December 5th, 2014 Nobody wants war. But North America, the European Union and Russia are inevitably drifting towards war if they do not finally halt the disastrous spiral of […]

Rand Paul Declares a Non-War War

Senator Rand Paul wants Congress to Declare war on ISIS. Some, like Bruce Fein, are willing to ignore the UN Charter and the Kellogg Briand Pact, and write as if a war would be legal if Congress would just declare […]

No New Nukes, Dismantle Old Ones

No New Nukes, Dismantle Old Ones

This urgent new petition will be delivered to the U.S. Congress, President, and Department of “Defense” Build no new nuclear weapons. Stop struggling with an aging arsenal and begin dismantling it, as required by the Non-Proliferation Treaty. CLICK HERE TO […]

The Day Israel Attacked America

Golden Age of Pearl Harbor

Golden Age of Pearl Harbor

 By David SwansonAs we read Ulysses on Bloomsday every June 16th (or we should if we don’t) I think that every December 7th should not only commemorate the Great Law of 1682 that banned war in Pennsylvania but also mark […]

Here’s Statement Made to Judge Who Set Drone Protester Free

Last night Mark Colville was sentenced to a one year conditional release, $1000 fine, $255 court costs, and has to give a DNA sample for NY State. “This sentence was a great departure from what Judge Jokl threatened to give […]

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