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Talk Nation Radio: Brian Terrell: Anti-Drone-War-Movement Is Growing

Talk Nation Radio: Brian Terrell: Anti-Drone-War-Movement Is Growing Brian Terrell discusses a recent major protest of drone murders at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada and the state of the anti-drone-war movement. Brian is a co-coordinator for Voices for Creative Non-Violence, and event coordinator for the Nevada […]

Television Commercial in California Asks Drone Pilots to Stop Killing

This may be a first: a television ad campaign in a U.S. state capitol appealing to someone to stop murdering human beings who have, in most cases, already been born. A new 15-second television ad, a variation on one that’s […]

Hero of War

People of Czech Republic Oppose U.S. Base

10 arguments against the US radar Source. By sitting the US radar base here, we would become an instrument of unilateral American foreign policy that is seeking world hegemony. The US would retain exclusive command and administration of the anti-missile […]

The Pentagon Mafia in Sicily

Can Anne Hathaway Help End the Mindset That Creates Wars?

Can Anne Hathaway Help End the Mindset That Creates Wars?

“If others have their will Ann hath a way. By cock, she was to blame. She put the comether on him, sweet and twentysix. The greyeyed goddess who bends over the boy Adonis, stooping to conquer, as prologue to the […]

War, what is it good for?–Peace Paradigm Radio

On this episode of  Peace Paradigm Radio, Michael Nagler shares exciting stories of nonviolence in the news. We talk to our Director of Education, Stephanie Knox Cubbon about the Metta Certificate in Nonviolence Studies. The endless opportunities to apply nonviolence […]

A Nuke Free Future

A Liberal Lawyer Gives Up on Preventing Murder

Rosa Brooks’ article in Foreign Policy is called “There is no such thing as peacetime.” Brooks is a law professor who has testified before Congress to the effect that if a drone war is labeled a proper war then blowing […]

Opposing War With a Smile

By David Swanson Remarks at teach-in at Spring Rising event March 20, 2015, UDC Law School. Note: Rally at White House is noon, March 21. More times than I can count, after I’ve given a speech about war and peace […]

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