Iraq War Tribunal: Testimony on the Lies by Dirk Adriaensens


Dirk Adriaensens is a Belgium-based journalist, Coordinator of SOS Iraq and member of the Executive Committee of the Brussels Tribunal. He is also co-coordinator of the Global Campaign Against the Assassination of Iraqi Academics. He is co-author of ‘Rendez-Vous in Bagdad’, EPO (1994), ‘Cultural Cleansing in Iraq’, Pluto Press, London (2010), ‘Beyond Educide’, Academia Press, Gent (2012), the online interactive I-book ‘The Iraq War Reader: A History of War Crimes and Genocide. The Unleashing of America’s New Global Militarism’, Global Research, Canada (2012), ‘Het Midden-Oosten, The Times They Are a-Changin’, EPO (2013), and is a frequent contributor to Global Research, Truthout, The International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies and other media.

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