Events to Help Bring About a World Beyond War

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Let us know about any event you’re planning. We’ll list it on our events page, and in the calendar on the right side of this website. And we’ll email everyone on our list who lives in your area asking them to attend.

Resources with which to create an event.

Calendar of important peace holidays.

Events list:


Jun 16-18 – United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) annual conference in Richmond, Va.

Jun 17 – New York – Women’s March to Ban the Bomb

Jun 17 – Chicago IL – Women’s Demonstration to Ban the Bomb! – Chicago

Jun 18 – Brooklyn, NY – Forum: One Struggle, Many Fronts: No Nukes, War, Wall or Warming

Jun 18 – London, UK – Myths of War at Park Theatre

June 19 –  New York, NY – Special Screening: “Paper Lanterns”

Jun 19-July 7 – New York – Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Negotiations (part 2)

Jun 26 – Santa Monica, CA – Chain Reaction Peace Sculpture Public Rededication Ceremony

Jun 27 – Camp Douglas, Wisconsin – Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars – Close the gates of Volk Field!

Jun 29-Jul 9 – Cultural Encounters and Peace Trip to Iran

Jul 5-6 – Hamburg, Germany – Global Solidarity Summit – The alternative to the G20 Summit in Hamburg

Jul 8 – Hamburg, Germany – Major demonstration against the G20 summit in Hamburg!

Jul 8 – Tiperary, Ireland – A Day of Peace: A World Beyond War (TBC)

Jul 8-16 – Scotland –  Coulport Disarmament Camp 2017 by Trident Ploughshares

Jul 12 – Washington, DC – Rivers of Blood II, 2017 Call to Action

Jul 14-16 – Perth, Scotland – ‘Reclaiming Gospel Non-Violence’ Conference

July 17-23 – Döbeln, Germany – Anti-nuclear summer camp 2017

Jul 22-23 – London, UK – “It Starts Here” – Campaign Against Arms Trade

Jul 27-30 – Chicago, IL – WILPF US 33rd Triennial Congress 2017 in Chicago

July 27-31 – Diss, Norfolk, UK – Britain : Peace News Summer Camp

Jul 31-Aug 6 – Germany – War Starts Here, Let’s Stop It Here

Aug 2-6: Minneapolis, MN – Democracy Convention, including Peace and Democracy Conference organized by World Beyond War

Aug 3-6 – Madrid, Spain : Escuela de Verano Antimilitarista

Aug 3-9 – Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japan – 2017 World Conference against A and H Bombs

Aug 4-13 – Black Hills, SD – Satyagraha Institute Gandhian nonviolence training

Aug 5 – Delray Beach, FL – Hiroshima Remembrance Day

Aug 5-9 – Paris and five other French cities : “fast-action” against nuclear arms

Aug 9-13 – Chicago, IL – Veterans For Peace Convention –  “Education Not Militarization.”

Aug 23-27 – Toulouse, France – European Summer University of Social Movements

Aug 26-Sep 2 – IPPNW Bike Tour UK 2017

Aug 27-Sept 2 – Innsbruck, Austria: International Institute on Peace Education: Aesthetic Peaces

Sep 3-7 – University of York, UK: 2017 International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War World Congress in the UK

Sep 3-10 – Germany –  Stop Ramstein Peace Camp and human chain

Sep 4-11 – London, UK – Let’s Stop The Arms Fair

Sep 14-17 – Basel, Switzerland – Congress : Human Rights, Future Generations & Crimes in Nuclear Age

Sep 22-24 NO WAR 2017 at American University in Washington, D.C. Put it on your calendar now. The focus of this yet-to-be-named conference and action will be on activism and bringing together the peace and environmental movements.

Sep 16-24 – Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions, Sept 16-24, 2017

Oct 7 –  The 16th anniversary of attack on Afghanistan

Oct 11-15 – Berlin, Germany – International Uranium Film Festival

Oct 19-22 – Kansas City, MO – Remembering Muted Voices: Conscience, Dissent, Resistance and Civil Liberties in World War I Through Today

Oct 25-28 – Birmingham, AL – Moving from Civil Rights to Human Rights – Peace and Justice Studies Association 2017 Annual Meeting

Oct 26-29 – India : Sevagram International Conference on Non-violent Economy and Peaceful World

Nov 17 – Bremen, Germany – International Bremen Peace Award “Crossing Boundaries / Breaking Vicious Circles”

Nov 22-24 – Dunedin, New Zealand – Rethinking Pacifism for revolution, security and politics



Feb 23 — possible anti-bases day of action

Apr 4 — possible peace demonstration

Let us know about any event you’re planning.

If you’d like to help plan events, email

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