Peace Almanac July



July 1. On this day in 1656, first Quakers arrive in America, having come to what will be Boston.

Also on this day in 1917, 8000 anti-war marchers demonstrate in Boston.

July 2. On this day in 1964, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law.

July 3. On this day in 1859, John Brown arrived in Harper’s Ferry. Also July 3, 1932, Jooss’s Antiwar Dance The Green Table Premieres.

July 4. This is Independence From the United States Day. This is a good day for protest of local U.S. military bases around the world.

July 5. On this day in 2015, in referendum initiated by the Syriza-ANEL government
in Greece, popular vote of 62% called for rejecting an austerity program organized by the Troika (a tripartite committee formed by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (EC, ECB and IMF); nevertheless later in July the Syriza government accepted an even more austere version of the troika program.

Also on this day Sojourner Truth and Anne Frank born are born.

July 6. On this day in 1965, students try to block troop trains in Berkeley, CA.

July 7. On this day in 1979,  2,000 Native American activists and anti-nuclear demonstrators march through the Black Hills (South Dakota) to protest the development of uranium mines in sacred lands.

July 8. On this day in 2014, Israel began a 51-day genocidal attack on the people of Gaza.

July 9. On this day in 1955, Einstein, Russell and 7 other scientists warn that choice is between war and human survival.

July 10. On this day in 1987,  Greenpeace flagship, The Rainbow Warrior, bombed in New Zealand by French government.

July 11. World Population Day, sponsored by the United Nations to focus attention on population issues.

July 12. On this day in 1817 Henry David Thoreau was born. This is a good day to be civilly disobedient.

July 13. On this day in 1863, Anti-draft riots in NYC, against the implementation of the first wartime draft of U.S. civilian.

July 14. On this day in 1789, the French revolution begun.

July 15. On this day in 1834, the Spanish Inquisition, begun in 1478, is ended.

July 16. On this day in 1945, “Fat Boy,” the first experimental atomic bomb, exploded in Alamogordo, NM.

Also on this day in 1983, in anti-nuclear protest, 10,000 form human chain linking U.S. & Soviet embassies, London, England.

July 17. On this day in 1998, the Rome Statute was adopted establishing the International Criminal Court. This is a good day on which to push for Western powers to be made subject to its jurisdiction and for that jurisdiction to include the supreme crime of war.


July 18. This is Nelson Mandela International Day.

July 19. On this day in 1881, surrender of Sitting Bull & 186 followers, crossing the Canadian border into US; Army breaks its amnesty promise & jails him at Fort Randall, Dakota Territory.

July 20. On this day in 1874, general Custer & first official exploring expedition enters Black Hills with 110 wagons & 1,000 men, in direct violation of treaty of 1868 that barred whites from sacred hills.

July 21. On this day in 1972, George Carlin charged with disorderly conduct & profanity after performing his famous “7 Words” routine at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

July 22. On this day in 1756, Friendly Association for Peace was founded, Philadelphia.

July 23. On this day in 1846 Henry David Thoreau went to jail for refusing to pay his war taxes. Also on this day in 2002, the cabinet of the British government held a meeting at 10 Downing Street, the minutes of which became known as the Downing Street Minutes. They revealed U.S. plans to go to war against Iraq and to lie about the reasons why. This is a good day to educate the world about war taxes and war lies.

July 24. On this day in 1893, Ammon Hennacy was born.

July 25. On this day in 1947, the National Security Act of 1947 is passed by Congress, uniting the armed forces under control of the National Military Establishment, called the Department of Defense.

July 26. On this day in 1948, President Truman ends segregation in the Armed Forces.

July 27. ??

July 28. On this day in 1932, Bonus March happened.

July 29. On this day in 1923 No More War rallies were held in 23 countries.

July 30. This is International Day of Friendship. This is a good day to make or reconnect with a distant friend.

July 31. On this day in 1914 Jean Jaurès was assassinated.

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