Billboards Project

See lots of designs here.

See explanation of the 3% calculation here.

World Beyond War billboards are funded entirely by contributions made here by supporters of ending war.

Billboards are going up:

Through March – July 2018, all over Syracuse New York, USA.
For the month of January 2018 in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
For the month of December 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

We can put up more, and you can tell us where you want to see which ones, if you fund them.


  1. How much would it cost to put one in Times Square?

  2. Peter Ehrhorn says:

    It would be interesting to see how this was arrived at. Military spending is large no doubt but that large? And what exactly does it mean to end world hunger? How would this be determined? We don’t have billboards in Hawaii.

  3. Teresa Reinhardt says:

    If you could provide an electronic file,
    people could print their own for display
    in a lot more places.

  4. catherine anonymous says:

    Seriously, how much

  5. What billboard companies are these?

  6. Good work I love this! Thank you!

  7. Kyle Van der Panck says:

    Good work! The war machine has reaped humanity for too long! It’s not too early to root these families from their comfy coves and expose who they are.

  8. Dora SCHIMANKO says:

    In European cities billboards are often managed by the relevant county council. Especially in cities hosting international organizations (eg. Paris, Brussels, Vienna) your billboards could be quite effective and, perhaps, not so extremely expensive, and will probably not be refused.

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