Become a World Beyond War Volunteer Country Coordinator

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Thank you for your interest in World Beyond War.

Would you be willing to consider becoming a World Beyond War Coordinator for your country?

This is an easy, part-time, and volunteer position. But it is critical to advancing the cause of ending all war.

In cases where you find it works best, there can be more than one Coordinator, and in all cases we can identify additional volunteers to help. But we only want you to say yes if you’re truly serious about doing this.

World Beyond War is unique because it unites the efforts of people and organizations who want to end ALL war in ALL countries. World Beyond War recognizes that today’s communication technology and social media give us the ability to do something that has never been done before: raise our voices WORLDWIDE to spread support for war abolition activism.

Here is a brief description of the responsibilities of the position:

1. Be thoroughly familiar with World Beyond War and be able to comfortably tell people about the organization and its work.
2. Maintain communication with the individuals and organizations in your country who have signed the World Beyond War Declaration of Peace, and serve as a liaison to the World Beyond War coordinating committee. (We can forward emails from you to all signers, or provide you with contact information for specific signers.)
3. Periodically translate messages from English into your native language to pass on, and translate news on antiwar activism from your language to English for the WBW website. (And assist with translation as we set up a webpage for your country, including a form through which people can contact you.)
4. Help encourage more people in your country to sign the declaration of peace, find people in your country (including yourself perhaps?) to join the speakers bureau or the coordinating committee, and help plan events in your country.
5. When WBW decides to organize a global campaign to achieve a specific goal (on the way to ending all war), you help organize efforts in your country toward that end. (Decisions on specific campaigns will be made with input from you and other representatives of groups around the world.)

Here are some ways that World Beyond War can help your organizing:

1.We can create a webpage at including links to your local organizations and activities, and including a form through which people (but not spammers) can email you.
2. We can list your events on the World Beyond War website.
3. We can forward your communications to an ever-growing list of people and organizations in your country, and can target these based on how people have volunteered to help.
4. We can connect you with individuals and organizations around the world working on similar campaigns to yours, to share expertise and activism. (If you’re opposing a U.S. military base or action, for example, it can help to work with people in the U.S. and in other countries.)
5. We can share your news with a wider global audience through our email, website, and social media.

Thank you again for your support of World Beyond War. Please let us know if you have any questions about the responsibilities outlined above.

Contact us:

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  1. ROBBY C MANYEPA says:

    I am very interested to join you as a coordinator Zambia

    Kindly send me more information

    Robby C Manyepa

  2. Betty Kamunya says:


    I am interested in becoming a coordinator with your organization in Kenya.

    Kindly provide more information on how to go about it.

    Thank you

  3. Emily Drzymala says:

    Hello, I am interested in being a coordinator in Canada.

  4. We’ll check comments here as often as we can, but please just use the contact form above instead to reach us right away.

  5. David Billington says:

    Time to throw this dude war-stuff in the bin. Make Peace not war.

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