Campaigns Join in any of these projects!

Join in any of these projects!

Contact us if you’d like to help with any of these campaigns: Educational Events. Close Bases. Support Global Justice and the Rule of Law. Divest from Weapons Dealers. Put up Billboards. Pass Resolutions. Opt Out of Military Recruitment (a U.S. […]

Online Actions Online Actions

Online Actions

Send this message to your local, state or provincial, and national government officials: The world has had enough of war, and that includes me. Government officials everywhere are being asked to join with the people of the world in signing […]

Alternatives A Global Security System: An Alternative to War — 2017 Edition Now Available

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War — 2017 Edition Now Available

To use the new online study and action guide, click here: Study War No More!   “You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?”   “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” – 2017 Edition Now Available Be […]

Chapters and Affiliates Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate

World Beyond War allows volunteers to create (and assists in the creation) of new local organizations that we call World Beyond War chapters. If you can’t find one near you below, you can create one. It’s easy! We also let […]

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Men load the bodies of people recovered from the rubble of a house in western Mosul, Iraq in 2017. More than 200 were killed in the U.S. bombing. (Photograph: Cengiz Yar)

The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the US Invasion

Numbers are numbing, especially numbers that rise into the millions. But please remember that each person killed represents someone’s loved one. By Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies, March 15, 2018, Common Dreams. March 19 marks 15 years since the […]

Marches on Washington to End the Wars

Marches on Washington to End the Wars

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, March 13, 2018 From Popular Resistance President Trump formally requested the Pentagon to organize a military parade in Washington, DC on November 11, celebrated as Veteran’s Day. However, groups of veterans want to stop […]

A statue of former British prime minister Winston Churchill is silhouetted in front of the Houses of Parliament in London in 2015., Luke MacGregor/Reuters

In Winston Churchill, Hollywood Rewards a Mass Murderer

“History,” Winston Churchill said, “will be kind to me, for I intend to write it myself.” He needn’t have bothered. He was one of the great mass murderers of the 20th century, yet is the only one, unlike Hitler and […]

The candlelight protests that refuse to go out.

Remembering the Suffering and Contributions of Korean Women

By Joseph Essertier, March 12, 2018. “Qualities characteristic of but not unique to the United States—including common and casual sexual violence and racism—are, through pornography, promoted throughout the world as sex. From American women’s standpoint, the international pornography traffic means […]

Photo by David Stanley | CC BY 2.0

Blocking Peace in Korea by Lying about the Past

by Joseph Essertier, March 12, 2018, counterpunch. As the Korean Peninsula takes tentative steps toward a huge rapprochement and hundreds of millions of people in Northeast Asia hold their breath, liberal Americans tell us we cannot trust North Korea’s government […]

The Tide it is a Changin’

The Tide it is a Changin’

Mainstream media starts reporting on the militarization of America’s schools. By Pat Elder Children watch an interactive screen showing an advertisement for military recruitment in an Arizona school hallway. There have been three remarkable breakthroughs in the last month regarding […]

Videos of Take-A-Knee Discussion of Racism and Militarism

Videos of Take-A-Knee Discussion of Racism and Militarism

By David Swanson On March 1, 2018, I was very privileged to take part in a discussion of issues of racism, freedom of speech, patriotism, and war at Saint Mary’s Hall, a private high school in San Antonio “Military City […]

Open Letter in Support of Mediation in Venezuela, Not Sanctions

Open Letter in Support of Mediation in Venezuela, Not Sanctions

Sanctions added by the Trump and Trudeau administrations to Obama era sanctions against Venezuela impose new burdens on ordinary Venezuelans who are just trying to live their lives. Unilateral sanctions are illegal under international law. Over 150 prominent US and […]

Demostrators hold signs during a vigil for Yemen. (Photo: Felton Davis/flickr/cc)

Senators Called on to End US Role in ‘Worst Humanitarian Crisis on the Planet’

By Andrea Germanos, March 9, 2018 From Common Dreams Anti-war groups on Friday are urging their supporters to pick up the phone to tell U.S. senators to back a joint resolution to “end America’s shameful role in Yemen.” Angry that […]

The last time the military held a parade in
Washington DC was following the Gulf War
in 1991. Photo: AP

Raining on Trump’s Parade

Donald Trump has called for a military parade in Washington DC but a coalition of peace and justice groups hope to stop the parade before it happens, explains Margaret Flowers in this interview with Ann Garrison. By Ann Garrison, March […]

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